How I transitioned into Product Management in just 5 months without spending a penny!

Flashback time!

I am a software engineer who never wanted to be one! Somehow, I ended up graduating. (God must know!)

Why did I choose Product Management next?

After 6 years in the education space, I realized that my growth had stagnated, and I wanted to try something new. Something that was challenging enough and offered excellent learning opportunities.

Cut to the present!

Today, I am an Associate Product Manager! Woohoo! But cracking into the role wasn’t easy at all.

Here are some steps that helped me do this transition:

  1. Start by applying to the PMs or APMs role in your industry!



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Reshuka Jain

Reshuka Jain


Associate Product Manager, an educator, and a public speaker! I write about education, child psychology, product management and everything that life has taught!